Whats New in ERPRev

Outlined below are the list of new features available in ERPRev software


The Space of Thumb Image Name Increased From 20 to 30



 Ability to Attach General Ledger Accounts to Customers

 General Ledger Account Grouping Implemented

Arabic Inscription Option on Printouts Implemented

Category and Class Can Now Have Thumb Image

The Super User Can Now Post Task to Other Users Calendar

The Super User Can Now View Other Users Calendar/Tasks Entries

Ability to View Other Users Calendar



 Services Price Can Now be Set by Location

 Word Fraction to Currencies Option Added

 Added Price Level Reduceable Flag to Product and Services

 Sales Summary Implemented in View and as a Dashboard Gadget



 Consumption Tax Option Added

 Value Added Tax Option Added to Purchase Order

 Other Cost Added to Product/Material Stock-Intake Modules

 View Payment Voucher Analyzer/Charts Implemented

 View Bank Lodgments Analyzer/Charts Implemented

 View Bank Withdrawals Analyzer/Charts Implemented



Storefront Pages Implemented

Use Gift Voucher System Implemented

Credit Invoice Authorization System Now Active

Invoice Footer Message and Generic Printout Footer Message Implemented



Hotel Room Booking Implemented

Hotel Room Usage Now Stores the Invoice ID and Nights Stayed

Ability to do Product Stock Transfer Approval Implemented

Ability to do Material Stock Transfer Approval Implemented



Services Can Now Have Barcode

The Privileges for Stock Intake, Production Intake and Production Intake Bulk Separated

Production Intakes Now Store Reference to the Material Usage/Product Usage Batch ID



Ability for Custom Modules to Use a xml/xslt Template.

Field Hint and Field Group Added to Custom Module Tables

Item Category and Class Can be Tied to Location-ID

Expenses from Bank and Petty-Cash-Expense Now Store Reference to the Bank Withdrawal Record



Staff Appraisals System

Ability to Schedule/Send Staff Birthday Message via SMS, E-mail



Ability to Edit Product Stock Intake - Bulk

Ability to Edit Material Stock Intake - Bulk

Ability to View Deleted Stock Intake

Ability to Create Staff Appraisal Form/Report

Raw Materials Now Support Barcode and Category.

Products Now Support Scaled Unit of Measurement.

Production Requirement Can Easily be Linked to a Product at Point of Registering a New Product.

Products Can Now be Used as Materials in Production Requirements Calculation.

Raw Materials Now Support Scaled Unit of Measurement.

Suppliers Account Can Now Be Mapped to a General Ledger Account.

You Can Now Register Bank Withdrawal at Point of Registering a New  Fixed Asset.

Storefront Can Now Hide Display of Item Quantity.

Storefront Can Be Set to Force Customer Registration at Point of Checkout.

Option for Bank Refno on Payment Receipts to be Unique Implemented.



Ability to Add Background Image(Letter Headed Paper) on the Print Page



Stock Intakes Deleted are Now Been Saved Separately and can be Viewed From the View-Stock-Intake Page

Expenses-Bank Now Displays the Bank-Info When Viewed

The Ability to set Registered-Customer-Selling-Price for Each Stock Item Now Available. This means walk-in customer can have different price from registered-customer for each stock item or service

Statement of Changes in Equity Module Added

Balance Sheet Comparison Module Added

Daily Report via Email Module Added



The Option of Mapping Bank-Account to Their Corresponding General-Ledger-Accounts Now Available

Item Notes Label Added

The Service Invoice Module Updated

Bank Fund Transfer (3 different Scenarios) Update

Multi-Currency Module Updated

Movement of Warehouse to Administration Menu

Ability to View Invoices, Receipts, Sold Products and Rendered Services by Time Period



Requisition Description Field Increased to 250 Characters

Supplier Service Invoice Added to Accounting Journal Entries

Addition of Journal Entries for Intangible Asset

Addition of Journal Entries for Accumulated Amortization

Ability to Override Transaction-Mappings on Transaction Page i.e. Ability to Specify Account/Debit/Credit at the Transaction Page Now Available.

Ability to Convert Multiple Orders to a Single Invoice

Ability to Configure Multiple Printers in ERPRev Desktop Browser



Ability to Attach Users Global-View Privilege to selected locations added (Group Manager).

The Staff Attendance Management Module Added

Sales Tax Payable (VAT) Module Updated

Withholding Tax Receivable Added to Invoicing Module

Withholding Tax Payable Added to Supplier Module

Withholding Tax Added For Other Accounting Entries

Category and Sub-category Added to Invoice Itself so That Certain Reports can Filter/Group by Category

Combo Products Sales Option Now Available



Hotel Room Management Module Added


Price Variation Module Added to Product and Service

Ability to Setup a storefront in ERPRev software

Ability to connect your ERPRev account to your e-commerce Website (for WordPress/WooCommerce only)

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