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Enterprise Resource Planning Revolution
We use 128-bit SSL encryption (comparable to most banks and financial institutions) to ensure that your sensitive data is never compromised. We also use multiple layers of enterprise-grade firewalls and security systems that are configured, monitored and updated as per international guidelines.

You can pay for ERPRev license using your debit card, credit card or via bank transfer and your account will be setup automatically after payment confirmation. To get started, visit

ERPRev license renewal is very simple, kindly visit and you'll be prompted to pay using your credit card or debit card. Your ERPRev license will be extended automatically after a successful payment.

You can also make an online transfer to the designated bank account contained in the renewal notification email. Then send a mail with proof of payment to info AT mofficeportal DOT com. As soon as payment is confirmed, your license will be renewed and a notification will be sent to you via email.

Yes, you can renew your ERPRev License monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly.

Once you have successfully paid for any ERPRev plan on, an activation mail will be sent to the email you provided at point of signup. Simply login to your mailbox and click on the activation link. Your login URL, User ID and Default password will be sent to you instantly.

The software will prompt you to change the default password on your first login.

Yes you can restrict staff from accessing certain information. Every single feature in ERPRev is privilege based which means you can grant or revoke a user the privilege of accessing such info.
You can use any device running Windows, Android, IOS and Unix operating system. For clients that subscribed for the online version of ERPRev, your devices must have internet access for you to be able to access your portal at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The ERPRev finance team sends out license renewal notification mails and sms to clients on the fourteenth (14th)day, seventh (7th) day and one day to the license expiry date.

Also you can login into your account and click menu Administration/Software License/License Details to view details of your subscription and links to renew/upgrade

We provide 1st Tier support 24/7 to all ERPRev users on the paid plan via live chat, email and voice call. We bill a callout fee if the support requires physical visit to our client’s office

Additionally, you can consult our Help Center any time to find the answer to your question.

Yes. You need to configure a webmail service in order for your mails to go out. Alternatively, you can also use the ERPRev mail server to send out only auto generated documents like invoices, receipts and journal to registered customers only.
System users are all those that have vital roles to perform in your enterprise. For example, a retail merchant operating in just one store will need user accounts for the following users ; Business Owner, Sales Rep, Finance Manager and Inventory officer.
Yes you can. You can switch from one plan to the other as you progress in business.
Yes. As your business expands, you can pay for additional ERPRev system user’s license from
You can register up to two (200) hundred customers, products and services only. You can also write only one hundred (100) invoices, receipts and expenses. The moment you hit this figures, you will still be able to access your business information and the system will prompt you to upgrade to a paid account. Once your account is switched to a paid account, your information on the free account will be migrated to the paid account automatically.

We have three (3) different plans namely; Standard, Premium and Ultimate. You can visit and scroll down to package/features section to see the various features available in each of the plans.

Visit and scroll down to Package/Features Breakdown section, you will see a comprehensive list of features available in each of the ERPRev plans. Kindly read through carefully to know which plan will best suite your business. However, you can always upgrade from one plan to another. You will only be requested to pay the difference. You can also contact us to discuss the nature of your business and one of our experts will recommend the best plan that will best suit your business.
No. You will be billed a one off fee by the certified ERPRev experts in charge of your configuration and users training. You can feel free to contact other certified ERPRev expert if one you contacted is billing you more than you can afford.
Yes. You can watch various videos in the ERPRev Help Centre and setup your account yourself but we strongly advice that you get the services of a certified ERPRev expert.
Yes. ERPRev can be deployed offline for clients who do not have good internet connection. You can visit to download the offline version of ERPRev. The offline version comes with a fourteen (14) days free trial license after which you'll be expected to purchase a one-off license.

Your account will not be accessible by any of the system users in your company. When you renew your ERPRev license, your account will be reactivated, and you'll continue from where you stopped without losing any information. Please note that we will delete your information from our server 1 year after the license expiry date. So, ensure you renew your license before the 1 year elapses. 

Your ERPRev license is only tied to one company name. Multiple types of businesses can only be on one account if the business name is the same and different system users will be assigned to the various types of businesses. We recommend that you share what you would love to accomplish with any of our certified experts to know whether it's doable or not with ERPRev software.

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